imagesgggHave you been in a situation that you badly needed cash and you are repeatedly rejected by the banksfor bad credit history?There is actually a solutionin your neighborhood, BHM financial group, a financing institution in Canada bent on helping Canadians acquire they much needed loan even if they have bad or no credit loan history and profile. BHM financial group accepts loan collaterals like a motorized vehicle, mobile home, truck, trailer, boat or equipment, taking pride with its 98% application approval rating. BHM financial group can accept second mortgages of homes and vehicles from almost any bank in Canada.

The BHM Difference

Compared to the usual financial institutions that greatly depends on credit history on loan approval, BHM financial group objectively assess the house or vehicle based on its value and releases the full amount to you regardless of loan history and bad credit history. BHM is committed to make things simple and hassle free, with limited paper requirements and quick credit investigation. BHM endeavors to be a quick answer to your financial needs and let you carry on with your daily life less the worries. BHM financial group also fosters an agent referral program wherein clients automatically becomes credit agents and refers to the company their friends and family who are also in financial need. Credit agents earn a sizable commission based on the release, ranging from 10% up to $ 250.00 maximum. Amounts that can be loaned by applicants range from $1,000 minimum to $10,000.00 maximum and subject to restructuring when the need arises in the future. On line applications forms are available, visit BHM financial group website at: BHM Financial or visit the nearest branch to you in Alberta, British Colombia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Ontario, Nova Scotia and more.


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